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    Top 15 Hot Chinese Women: Discover Top Chinese Sexy Women (2022)

    Top 15 Hot Chinese Women
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    Top 15 Hot Chinese Women: Discover Top Chinese Sexy Women (2022)
    Not long ago, netizens were crazy about the collarbone challenge. Perhaps, you might have heard about it. This challenge is about how many coins someone can put on their collarbones. The more coins, the better. Indeed, the collarbone challenge has become popular among hot Chinese women. These ladies prioritize how charming, elegant, and enchanting they should look. Thus, they invest a lot in their looks.
    Top 15 Hot Chinese Women: Discover Top Chinese Sexy Women (2022)
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    Hot Chinese Women: Reveal The Hottest Chinese Girls

    In Chinese culture, appearance matters. Throughout history, the beauty standards like pale skin determined your level in society. This is almost present in the current culture of Chinese people. Thus, much is done to look better. If you wonder more about the beauty and charm of hot Chinese girls, you better keep reading to discover more. Besides, you’ll discover the most charming women in China.

    Why Are Chinese Girls Considered to Look So Hot?

    A stunning appearance is the first thing you come up with when thinking of Chinese women. They know how to impress Western, Eastern, and even local men. If you’re a man interested in meeting charming women, why not focus on sexy Chinese women? They know how to impress anyone with their peculiar charm.


    What makes Chinese women attractive? There are many factors that can contribute to their appearance. Still, there are some striking features to mention. The first is about their eyes. When compared to their cute but small faces, their eyes tend to look big, and thus, more expressive. This gives them an appealing look.

    Slender bodies are also among the main factors to consider. It’s hard to meet chubby Chinese women. They tend to be slim, which is common among Chinese women. The cute face is also among the factors giving them a stunning look alongside darker hair that perfectly contrasts their white skin.

    Physical features

    Have a look at Lin Yun, as an example and model of Chinese beauty. She’s gorgeous, isn’t she? Indeed, if you look through Chinese profiles on dating sites, you’ll notice how charming these women can be. What’s the secret behind their charm?

    When talking about Chinese beauty standards, you need to consider several factors. The first is about their body shapes. There have been numerous challenges about slim and slender Chinese women who went viral online. Just google challenges like a belly button, A4, and the like.

    Another important aspect of their beauty is their eyelids. The standard of eyelids is amazingly popular. This is not surprising to find out how much effort they put into creating an effect of double eyelids. Double eyelid surgeries are among the most popular ones in China.

    What’s more, it’s also about skin. Chinese women are obsessed with having whiter skin. The paler their skin complexion is, the more attractive they’re considered. So, it’s clear that much is done to look better and more charming.

    Finally, it’s about faces. There are many types of faces considered to be popular. For example, the first love face type is one of the most popular. Such a face has features of the egg shape with large almond-shaped eyes alongside double eyelids.


    When thinking of beauty, you should also consider the beauty of behavior as well. This is deeply rooted in the culture of Chinese people. Chinese women are expected to honor and value their partners, making ideal lovers. What’s more, their commitment to their men is also considered to be their charming feature.

    Of course, there are differences between urban and rural women in China. When dating ladies from rural regions, you can meet women with the following features:

    • More serious attitude to relationships. The hottest women from China who come from rural places value relationships more. Thus, they can be ideal for marriage as well.
    • Less feminism. One of the major aspects worth considering is their lifestyle approach to dating and marriage. In other words, there’s no feminism among many rural Chinese ladies.
    • Traditions. In rural places, it’s common for women to stick to old traditions. Besides, religion plays a key role as well. Such ladies make better partners.

    But it doesn’t mean that residents of cities are less attractive. They also have a lot to offer. They invest more in their beauties, not to mention the fact they’re more modern and smarter. So, it’s up to you to choose.

    Popularity among men

    Are they popular? Sexy Chinese women have always been popular among men. When talking about Western men, Chinese ladies have always tickled their interests. For a typical Western man, a Chinese woman is a lady who’s smart, cute, and submissive. Thus, these men adore meeting and dating Chinese girls.

    The same can be said about European men. Chinese women have become popular among European men with the rise of internet dating. It’s a great idea to meet a lady who’ll be undoubtedly committed to you, which can’t be said about European women. Besides, traditional values are also important for European men.

    Finally, Chinese girls are popular among Eastern and local men as well. They’re easier to communicate with. They don’t talk too much. They’re not demanding. So, it’s not surprising why these women are in demand right now. Why not find a Chinese woman for dating right now?

    Top 15 Hottest Chinese Girls

    Hot Chinese girls are ladies who invest a lot to look charming. Thanks to their inherent beauty, Chinese ladies are among the most gorgeous women in Asia. It’s hard to find a man who doesn’t want to spend his time with the sexiest Chinese women. It’s time to discover the top 15 hottest Chinese women you can admire. These women are born to make the world even more beautiful.

    Li Bingbing

    She was born in 1973 in the city of Heilongjiang. Did you know that Li Bingbing wanted to be a teacher? It was until she discovered talents in acting. Now, she’s a renowned actress and singer. Her first debut in the movie was when she was 17. But her worldwide recognition came with the movies like Resident Evil and The Forbidden Kingdom.

    Li Bingbing

    Victoria Song

    Her original name is Song Qian. She was born in Qingdao, Shandong. She’s 35 years old. Victoria majored in ethnic dance. Thanks to this, she was noticed by a scouting agency, which was a turning point for her. She started modeling and acting in commercials. Nowadays, she’s considered to be one of the most successful and renowned dancers and models. She’s also known for being an actress and singer.

    Wang Fei Fei

    When thinking of Chinese hot women, it’s not possible to skip the name Wang Fei Fei. She was born in 1987 in Haikou, Hainan. Mainly referred to as Fei, is a member of the South Korean girl group known as Miss A. After her first debut in 2009, she became a popular singer. Besides, she’s a renowned actress mainly starring in South Korean movies. At the same time, she’s also a model of many Chinese brands as well.

    Wang Fei Fei

    Ma Yanli

    When talking about Chinese sexy women, Yanli is another great candidate worth discussing. She was born in 1974. Her fame came to her unexpectedly when she decided to pursue modeling instead of rowing, which she was good at. Her first success was when she won first place at the Shanghai International Fashion Model Contest. Now, she’s a famous model, actress, and fashion designer.

    Zhang Xinyu

    Alias Viann Zhang, Zhan Xinyu is considered to rank among the hottest Chinese women. She was born in 1987 in Kunshan. She graduated from Wuxi Institute of Commerce. She started her acting career with small roles in TV series. After her debut in the movie If You Are The One 2, she gained international recognition. Besides being an actor, she’s a famous model and singer.

    Zhang Xinyu

    Wang Likun

    Among Chinese sexy women, you can spot such names as Wang Likun. She was born in 1985. Born in Chifeng which is in Inner Mongolia that’s a region of China, she gained worldwide recognition with her dancing skills. Later, she managed to become a popular actress known for her roles in the movies like Seven Swordsmen and Somewhere Only We Know. She’s also considered a successful singer.

    Yuan Quan

    Despite her age, Yuan Quan remains top among hot Chinese women. She was born in 1977 in Jingzhou. She graduated from the Central Academy of Drama. Her fame came with the movie Once Upon A Time In Shanghai. She has worked in several movies. And even now, she continues her career as an actress.


    When thinking of Chinese hot women, why not have a glance at Jia? She’s one of the most popular Chinese singers and rappers. Although she’s quite often associated with Korean women, she’s from China. She was born in 1989. And she’s from Loudi in China. She moved to Seoul where she started her career as a singer. Now she’s back toChina where she continues her career as a singer.

    Zhang Ziyi

    Born in 1979, Zhang Ziyi is one of the hottest sex symbols in China. She was a good dancer when she was 8. Once she was 11, she joined the Dance Academy in Beijing. But she didn’t manage her career as a dancer at first due to high competition. But she managed to become one of the most successful actresses in China and even Hollywood.

    Xu Jinglei

    Among the hottest Chinese girls, there are women who really stand out, and this is true about Xu Jinglei. She was born in 1974. Being from Beijing, she graduated from Beijing Film Academy. Besides being well-known for her acting, she’s also a successful director. What’s more, she’s one of the Four Dan Actresses. It means that she’s one of the most successful actresses in China.

    Fan Bingbing

    Is it possible to continue discussing the hottest Chinese women without mentioning Li Bingbing? If there were a woman to represent Chinese beauty standards, elegance, and stylishness, she would rank among the top women of China. She was born in 1981. She’s from Qingdao. She managed to top in the Forbes China Celebrity 3 times. Besides, she’s known to represent brands like Valentino, Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior, etc.

    Yang Mi

    Interestingly, Yang Mi started her career when she was 4. It was clear that she would make a great actress. Born in 1986, Yang Mi is a famous Chinese actress. Mainly, she gained her popularity through her acting in TV series popular in China. Besides, she became even more popular by producing the TV show Micro Era Of Love. It’s a Chinese version of Gossip Girl.

    Yang Mi

    Ayi Jihu

    Ayi Jihu is definitely worth your attention if you’re interested in sexy Chinese girls. She was born in 1984, and when she was 4, she was eager to dance. Thanks to her talents, her performance made it to China Central Television. After her dad died, she moved to London, where she became a popular singer. Nowadays, she continues her career as a singer.

    Bobo Gan

    Born in 1986, Bobo Gan is from Wuhu. Despite a hard childhood, she managed to become one of the most recognized women in China. Mainly, she’s known for being an actress. Her major success came with the TV series Founding Emperor of the Ming Dynasty, which streamed in 2005. Then, she won her first award for her role in Hanoi, which was a success in China.

    Chrissie Chau

    When looking at photos of sexy Chinese women, you can’t resist falling in love with them, especially if these are photos of Chrissie Chau. She’s one of the sexiest and cutest models in China. Her portrait albums went viral. She’s one of the most recognized faces in China thanks to her cute face and expressive eyes. Besides, did you know that she’s one of the most searched photos on Yahoo?

    There are so many Western women who envy the charm of sexy Chinese women. Thanks to their exquisite facial features and their skin alongside charming eyes, Chinese women can be regarded as the sexiest women in the world.
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