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    Top 15 Hot Korean Women: Meet Top Hottest Korean Girls

    Top 15 Hot Korean Women
    Top 15 Hot Korean Women: Meet Top Hottest Korean Girls
    If you’re interested in meeting Asian women, you should consider hot Korean women. Why Korean women? Given their unearthly charm and disarming smile, Korean girls know how to make their men happy and content. Dating them isn’t only about dating hot ladies. Instead, it’s about dating ladies who’ll treat you with respect and politeness. Life with a woman like Lee Da Hae will never be boring for you.
    Top 15 Hot Korean Women: Meet Top Hottest Korean Girls
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    Hot Korean Women: Check Out Top Sexy Korean Women

    It’s not a secret that Korean women have been appealing to Western men for a long time. Thanks to internet dating, they can reach hot Korean girls with just a few clicks. Before your online venture, you need to know more about their appearance and charm which have made them popular in the online dating arena. All you need is to stay tuned to find the secret behind their beauty. What’s more, you’ll discover the list of the hottest Korean women.

    Why Are Korean Girls Considered to Look So Hot?

    When considering Korean ladies, you should mainly focus on ladies from South Korea. Still, you can be lucky to meet women from North Korea. There’s been tension between South and North Korea, where the former country is more democratic, and the latter is totalitarian. Since North Korea is more closed to online dating, you’ll have a higher chance to meet ladies from South Korea.

    Still, the common thing about both North and South Korean women is their undisputed charm. It’s hard to find a man who may not plan to date women like Bae Suzy or Kim Tae Hee. But before you rush to fulfill your dream of finding them, you need to know more about their beauty and exotic appearance.


    It’s not an exaggeration to say that the beauty standards of Korea are at the highest levels, taking over the standards of Western countries. Indeed, much pressure is felt among Korean women, so they strive to look better. When considering the beauty standards of the hottest Korean girls, you should pay attention the following aspects:

    • Obsessions with an appearance. Interestingly, when it comes to looking better, it’s hard to find a nation that’s so obsessed with how women look. South Korea is one of the major users of beauty products in the world.
    • Healthy lifestyle. Another point of beauty standards in Korea is about leading a healthy lifestyle. They manage to keep a diet, go to gyms, and be active. Thus, it’s not common to come across chubby ladies in Korea.
    • Plastic surgery. If you’ve ever wondered about the country with the highest rate of people undergoing plastic surgery, South Korea is the top country. Unlike other countries, there’s nothing bad about having plastic surgery, explaining why it’s so common.

    Overall, Korean women do their best to look innocent, cute, and appealing. If you’re into charming ladies, you better find girls from Korea.

    Physical features

    It’s time to consider the physical features of Korean women. It’s clear that makeup, surgeries, and healthy lifestyles contribute to their gorgeous look. When you see a charming woman from Korea, she may have the following features:

    • Small face. It’s common to associate a small face with a cute one. Still, a small face is expected to have straight eyebrows, a small pointy nose, plump lips, and a V-shaped jaw.
    • White skin. Obsession with white skin is something common in many Asian women, and Korean women do their best to have pale skin.
    • Larger eyes. Eyes should look bigger and more captivating. Here comes the phenomenon of double eyelids popular in countries like China and South Korea.
    • Slim body shape. Another critical physical feature is slim body shape. In South Korea, curvy bodies are never in vogue. They prefer having slender and slim figures with straight shoulders and long legs.

    In a nutshell, hot Korean women invest a lot in their appearance to impress, but what about their inner world?


    Thanks to their cultural background, Korean women are polite, easygoing, and friendly. You’ll never expect your Korean girlfriend to be rude, impudent, and overactive. What’s more, they owe a lot to their traditional upbringing, making them submissive partners in a relationship.

    You should know that Korean women are conservative, especially when it comes to dating. If you’re interested in creating more serious and long-lasting relationships, they can be ideal for you. Thus, it’s time to seek a good site to meet Korean women online.

    Popularity among men

    Are they popular among single men? In fact, sexy Korean girls are considered to be among the most sought-after ladies. They’re popular among Western, European, Eastern, and even local men. Here are the reasons why it’s so:

    • They never complicate anything, so they’re never drama queens in a relationship.
    • They don’t tend to be demanding, so it’s much easier to date them.
    • They like attention, but at the same time, they love showering their partners with love.
    • They’re submissive in a relationship, so you’ll never have a girlfriend with feministic values.

    Now when you know that these women are among the most popular ladies for dating, it’s time to shed light on how they can look.

    Top 15 Hottest Korean Girls

    Below, you’ll discover top hot Korean women who can impress you with their appearance, slim bodies, and talents.

    Jeon Ji-Hyun

    Born in 1981, Jeon is one of the most popular ladies in South Korea. Despite her age, she manages to look young and sexy. Thus, if you’re interested in the hottest Korean women, she’s the one to think of. She’s more known as an actress, although she’s been modeling for some time. She’s mainly known for her roles as Sassy Girl. She still continues acting in Korean dramas and movies.

    Jeon Ji-Hyun

    Choi Sora

    What do the most exotic women look like? There’s no ultimate answer to this question, but the name Choi Sora should be a perfect answer. She’s one of the hottest Korean girls nowadays. What’s more, she’s not only one of the most popular models in her country, but she’s also the most sought-after fashion girlin the world. Born in 1992, Choi Sora is one of the top supermodels. She managed to appear in many fashion shows in Paris, London, Milan, New York, and so on. Besides, she’s considered to be among the most expensive models.

    Jang Yoon Ju

    When thinking of sexy models from Korea, it’s hard not to mention Jang Yoon Ju who was born in 1980. With her flawless skin, cute face, and expressive eyes, she stands out among other sexy Korean women. Besides being a popular fashion model, she’s known as a television personality, singer, songwriter, and actress. She doesn’t have too many movies that can be considered to be really popular, but she continues to be spotted by the public. Thus, she’s one of the most renowned ladies in Korea.

    Jang Yoon Ju

    Kang Ji-Young

    Mainly referred to as a JY, Kan Ji-Young is one of the most popular singers in Korea. Born in 1994, she started her career with the group Kara. She didn’t stay too long there, and she just started her career as a solo singer. Besides singing, she’s an actress at the same time. Her first movie that gained her popularity was Jigoku Sensei Nube. She continues her career as a singer and actress.

    Go Ara

    Born in 1990, Go Ara is among the hottest Korean women you can search for. Her fame came with starring in one of the most popular TV series in Korea known as Sharp. She also starred in TV series like Heading to the Ground, Reply 1994, and many others. Thanks to her appealing nature and cute face, she’s been a model for a long time. She was awarded the New Star Award in 2007 for her talents and contributions.

    Go Ara

    Bae Suzy

    When it comes to natural beauty and cute face, there’s a great candidate like Bae Suzy who was born in 1994. Besides, she’s quite a talented lady, paving her way for success. Her career started when she was a teenager, and she gained popularity with the school drama Dream High. This was one of the most successful projects in Korea. Besides acting, Bae Suzy is known for her singing talents and modeling career.

    Kim So Eun

    If you need to choose a lady who can represent the beauty standards of Korean ladies, why not pick Kim So Eun, who’s charming, sexy, and cute? She was born in 1989, and despite being 32, she looks much younger. Her appearance and cute look were key factors helping her become one of the widely known actresses in Korea. Her success came with one of the most popular TV Series Boys Over Flowers, which was widely popular in the world.

    Kim So Eun

    Song Hye Kyo

    It’s hard to find a Korean woman who can rival the charm and elegance of Song Hye Kyo. Although born in 1981, Song looks pretty, cute, and young. Although she’s known to have been a model for some brands, she’s mainly regarded as one of the most popular actresses in South Korea. Her popularity rose with the movies like Full House, Descendants of the Sun, and Autumn in My Heart.

    Park Ji-Yeon

    If you manage to rank all the beauties from Korea, Park Ji-Yeon should rank among the hottest Korean women. Born in 1993, she started her career with a group but later continued as a solo singer. Besides singing, she’s a popular Korean actress who starred in movies like High Dream 2, I Want To Hear Your Song, and so on. What’s more, she’s known to be an ambassador of several brands in Korea.

    Oh Yeon Seo

    If there’s an epitome of female beauty, Oh Yeon Seo has all chances of claiming to be the one to dictate the beauty standards for all ladies. Born in 1987, she looks much younger, and it’s hard to say that she’s above 30. Besides her appealing and young look, she’s very talented. She started her career singing while being a model for some brands. She succeeded in acting as well.

    Kim Tae-Hee

    She is one of the most popular models in Korea. Kim Tae-Hee was born in 1980. Her youthful look has conquered the hearts of many people. The most appealing fact about her is her higher cheekbones making her stand out among other sexy Korean women. Besides being a successful model, she’s appeared in several TV series and movies.

    Honey Lee

    Born in 1983, Honey Lee is one of the sexiest women in South Korea. She’s also known as Lee Hanee. She represented South Korea at Miss Universe in 2007. She won 3rd runner-up. She also won the Miss Korea pageant in 2006. Although she’s known as a super-hot model, her career as a singer can be said to be successful. She’s also a professional gayageum player. It’s a national instrument. What’s more, she’s one of the popular actresses known for her roles in TV series and some popular Korean movies.

    Shin Min-Ah

    Shin Min-Ah was born in 1984. She’s one of the most popular actresses in South Korea. Thanks to her cute face, she became popular quite fast. Her dimples are what make people go crazy about her. Besides acting, she’s a renowned fashion model and is known to represent several brands.

    Park Shin-Hye

    Born in 1990, Park Shin-Hye is a talented personality. She’s been in the entertainment industry of South Korea for more than 20 years. In other words, she was spotted during her teens. She’s been successful with her roles in TV series and movies. Besides acting, she’s known to be a popular singer in South Korea.

    Lee Sung Kyung

    Born in 1990, Lee Sung Kyung is one of the supermodels in her country. She’s known for her acting in dramas like Cheese in the Trap, The Doctors, and Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo. The last one made her quite successful in the film industry of South Korea. Besides acting, she’s a popular singer known for singles like I Love You, True Colors, and so on.

    When it comes to hot Korean women, it’s really hard to think of appealing ladies who can match their charm. Thanks to their perseverance to look better, they’re considered to be among the most gorgeous women in the world. You better rush to find your Korean lady for dating.
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