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    Azerbaijani Women: What Kind of Wives Do They Make?

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    Azerbaijani Women: What Kind of Wives Do They Make?
    For a long time, Azerbaijani women had some of the most old-fashioned values among all Asian brides. Today, however, a new generation of Azerbaijani women is emerging, the one that doesn’t allow the traditions to stand in the way of her happiness.
    Azerbaijani Women: What Kind of Wives Do They Make?
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    Azerbaijan is a country located between Russia and Iran in the Caucasus region. It’s a fairly large country, but for most people around the world, it is a rather obscure one. We hear many myths and rumors about Azerbaijan and its rulers, and while some of these rumors are completely untrue, the one rumor cannot be disputed — Azerbaijani women really make the most beautiful, loving, and easy-going wives and brides.

    Why Azerbaijani Women Are so Popular?

    For a relatively unknown country, Azerbaijan has some of the most popular women on the continent. Thousands of men flock to Azerbaijan in an attempt to find their ideal life partner or log into dating sites trying to find a perfect match. So what exactly makes an Azerbaijani woman such a coveted candidate for a wife? These are the qualities you will likely see in a typical Azerbaijani woman.


    Some may think it’s shallow to start the description of Azerbaijani women with their appearance, but to us, it’s nothing less than practical. After all, this is the face you will see every time you wake up for the next several decades, so it makes perfect sense to want it to be beautiful.

    Azerbaijani girls have a very specific appearance type that has millions of fans around the globe. A typical Azerbaijani girl has very light skin but raven-black hair, eyebrows, and eyelashes. This makes their facial features very strong, so they look fabulous even with little to no makeup.

    We also cannot help but mention the stunning bodies of Azerbaijani women. These ladies are higher than average and have very slim figures, which makes them look like supermodels with minimal effort. And the best news is that they are able to retail their enviable shape even after multiple childbirths, so you can always enjoy those flawless curves.

    Traditional views

    Azerbaijan is considered a primarily Muslim country, and even though most of the people here don’t actively practice religion, they still have very traditional views on life, marriage and family. If you are tired of the growing Western trend of turning family values upside down, you will definitely feel right at home with your Azerbaijani woman.

    Finding a husband is not the only life goal for the majority of women in Azerbaijan, but once they meet someone they want to spend the rest of their lives with, they begin cherishing, respecting, and taking good care of their man. The same goes for their children and elderly relatives — the Azerbaijani tradition of taking care of the elderly is very strong and you will be delighted to know they consider their husband’s family to be their closest relatives on par with their own family.

    Great character

    To an outsider, Azerbaijani women may seem reserved and cold. However, they quickly reveal their true nature once they get to know you better. Their true nature is warm, loving, and extremely easy-going. You are guaranteed to enjoy both the time spent one-on-one with your Azerbaijani sweetheart and the time you spend together with your Azerbaijani wife and your friends, since her charm, charisma, and sense of humor will quickly win everyone over.


    If you consider a typical Azerbaijani woman to be someone whose only desire is to get married and start a family, you will definitely be surprised when you meet the first few Azerbaijani beauties. These women are fiercely intelligent, both thanks to the upbringing they receive from the parents and to the outstanding education.

    Azerbaijani women love books, arts, and everything that a typical intelligent person might like. Moreover, these ladies are very ambitious and want the best things in life for themselves and their families. Not all Azerbaijani girls dream of huge careers and may be very happy just standing by their successful man, but more and more women in Azerbaijan strive to achieve greater things in life, including building impressive careers.

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    What are Azerbaijani Brides Like?

    It’s clear that Azerbaijani girls have everything it takes to captivate any man’s heart, but they become even more lovable once there is a possibility of marriage. Here are the five things you can always expect from your Azerbaijani bride.

    She is caring

    From the moment things become serious between the two of you, your happiness will be her priority. She will start the day helping you prepare for work, will pack you a delicious lunch, and will wait until you come home with a freshly cooked dinner and a genuine interest in how your day went. An Azerbaijani wife will never let you go about life cold, hungry, or unhappy in any other way.

    She is modest

    Unlike many other Asian brides, Azerbaijani mail order brides have a very modest outlook on life. They will never pressure you into buying expensive clothes and shoes or paying for their expensive beauty procedures. A typical Azerbaijani lady has very modest expectations, which is actually great news for her husband.

    She is skilled in the kitchen

    For many men, coming home to a freshly prepared dinner is one of the reasons to get married at all. This is exactly what you can look forward to if you marry an Azerbaijani bride. These women view cooking not as a chore, but as a way to express their love, care, and affection. Azerbaijani cuisine is filling, hearty, and will soon taste like home to you.

    She is fun to be around

    The notion that Azerbaijani brides are cold and reserved fades away as soon as you get to know your Azerbaijani sweetheart better. One of the greatest things about being in a serious relationship or marriage with an Azerbaijani beauty is that you will never, even for one second, feel bored — she will always know exactly what to say, do, or propose to help you have fun.

    She is faithful

    When an Azerbaijani chooses a partner and gets married, she considers him to be her partner for life. Being unfaithful is simply not a possibility for an Azerbaijani girl, who is brought up with high moral standards and strives to carry them into her married life.

    Where Can You Meet Azerbaijani Brides?

    Azerbaijan is a very distant country for an average Western bachelor and it is not particularly known for its business or tourism opportunities. That is why your chances of traveling to Azerbaijan for work or leisure and meeting your wife there are very slim. Plus, Azerbaijani girls rarely travel the world, so you are very unlikely to bump into an Azerbaijani beauty in your own city. The most cost-efficient and fuss-free way to find your Azerbaijani bride is to use one of the international dating sites.

    How to Find a Reliable Azerbaijani Dating Website?

    Right now, there are hundreds of dating sites offering you a chance to meet an Azerbaijani mail order bride for a happy marriage. However, very few of them can be actually trusted. These are the things to look for in a reliable Azerbaijani dating site:

    • Genuine women

    You don’t need to be a dating site expert to be able to tell when the website has real women as its members or simply steals photos of models to pose as the site members. A good dating site will have Azerbaijani brides for every taste and preference.

    • Fair prices

    Every reputable dating site functions on a paid basis, but you need to always compare the membership prices and service costs offered by different sites to know that you are not being ripped off.

    • Online reputation

    You wouldn’t want to entrust the delicate job of finding your Azerbaijani wife to a site that has only been created recently or has a bad reputation among its members. Always study the reviews of the service on third-party websites to find out whether it can be trusted.

    How to Attract an Azerbaijani Girl?

    If you want to find a beautiful and loving Azerbaijani girl to make her your wife, you are in luck, because many women in Azerbaijan are already highly motivated to get married to a foreigner and move abroad. However, there are five simple rules for increasing your chances of building a happy relationship that ends in an even happier marriage.

    1. Make the first move. While you may come across some Azerbaijani girls who are not afraid to take the first step in the relationship, most of them prefer the man to reach out to them first. So don’t hesitate to write that first crucial message.
    2. Have serious intentions. When an Azerbaijani woman signs up for a dating site, she has marriage and family on her mind. If you only want a casual relationship or anything other than marriage, she will consider it to be a waste of her time.
    3. Act like a gentleman. Azerbaijani brides are not too fond of the ideas of feminism and they still like to be wooed. Even simple gestures that show off your gentlemanly side will definitely work in your favor in the relationship.
    4. Be frank. A typical Azerbaijani girl is very honest and she expects the same behavior from you. Always be frank and forthcoming about your intentions, problems, goals, and feelings, and only then you can expect the same from her.
    5. Be helpful. Azerbaijani women are very self-sufficient and can easily survive on their own, but they will always appreciate you trying to help. If you learn about any of your Azerbaijani girl’s problems, offer your sincere help and your efforts won’t go unnoticed.
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    Azerbaijani brides have enough charm, beauty, and love to make you the happiest man in the world. If you want to feel loved and cherished every single day, don’t waste any more time and sign up for one of the most reputable Azerbaijani dating sites to meet your soulmate.
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