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    Top 15 Hot Filipina Women: Discover Top 15 Sexy Filipina Women (2022)

    Top 15 Hot Filipina Women
    Top 15 Hot Filipina Women: Discover Top 15 Sexy Filipina Women (2022)
    Hot Filipino women have always been in the spotlight among Western men. It’s not surprising, as the stunning appearance of these women is worth the attention of every man. The charm, elegance, and stylishness of Filipino women have been the reason why so many men are interested in dating them. On almost every Asian dating site, you can easily find hot Filipina girls for dating and marriage.
    Top 15 Hot Filipina Women: Discover Top 15 Sexy Filipina Women (2022)
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    Hot Filipina Women: Meet Top Sexy Filipina Women

    Are they so beautiful indeed? In the Philippines, women are obsessed with their appearance. Thus, they invest in their appearance. For example, the use of skin-lightening products is quite common in the culture of Filipinos. In other words, women in this country do their best to look better. Read on to discover more interesting things behind their enchanting beauty alongside the list of top sexy Filipino women.

    Why Are Filipina Girls Considered to Look So Hot?

    Unlike many other women from different countries, Filipino women possess inherent beauty. In other words, they don’t have to do much to look better. But it’s not the case with these women. In Filipino culture, much attention is paid to how charming a lady can be. Bianca Umali is a Filipino woman who likes posting photos without makeup to highlight the beauty of Filipino women.


    You can find many Filipino ladies showcasing unearthly beauty. Just browse the profiles of these ladies, and you’ll spot that many of them look pretty. The other interesting thing to notice is that most of them look younger than their actual age.  Just look at Alex Gonzaga who looks like she’s 20, while she’s actually 34.

    One of the striking features of sexy Filipino girls is their faces. They tend to have an oval but cute face. Thanks to expressive eyes and thin noses, these women look great. Much attention is also given to their skin. It’s not surprising to find out that skincare products are in demand in this country.

    Hottest Filipino women tend to get skincare products to look better, and it’s an ongoing trend. Among the popular products, you can find face masks, facial cleansers, facial moisturizers, and the like. Perhaps, such a trend explains the reason behind the youthful looks of these women from the Philippines.

    Physical features

    Having white skin is an unspeakable advantage for sexy Filipino women. Although the majority of them have tanned skin, much effort is made to look white. Like ladies in countries like China or South Korea, white skin obsession is a phenomenon.

    When it comes to their bodies, it’s hard to say that they don’t have almost perfect body shapes. They tend to have slender and slim bodies giving them a more appealing look. With their large and expressive eyes, they tend to have an impressive look as well. In general, it’s common to come across women who’ll look like Christina Reyes.


    Although they have cute faces, appealing bodies, and the desire to look great, Filipino women are humble, making them even more attractive. It’s not a secret that the Philippines isn’t a rich country. Still, ladies living there tend to be strong, resilient, and ambitious. Who doesn’t want to date such strong ladies? As for dating, they can be ideal partners, as they know how to be passionate lovers and reliable friends.

    For many sexy Filipino girls, it’s common to seek a person to create a relationship with. What’s more, given their financial situation and other local problems, they do their best to find foreigners for dating. So, in Filipino culture, it’s common for a lady to date a foreigner. You can be the lucky one to meet your future sexy soulmate online.

    Popularity among men

    It’s not the appearance of Filipinas that makes Western and European men choose them for dating and creating serious bonds. The humble nature, submissive character, and resilient nature of these women contribute to their worldwide popularity. Besides, taking into account the fact that hot Filipina women speak English fluently, it’s much easier to communicate with them.

    Besides being a perfect and charming lady, Filipinos are known for their interest in meeting foreigners from the US, Canada, UK, and other countries. But what about Eastern or Asian men? Are they popular there as well? For local men and other Asian men, Filipinas rank among the most wanted ladies, be it just dating or something more serious and committed. In other words, the popularity of the hottest Filipina women among men across the globe is undisputed.

    Top 15 Hottest Filipina Girls

    Beauty is what makes men fall in love. When it comes to Filipinas, their glance is enough to enchant anyone. Thanks to their genes, investment in their appearance, and slim bodies, they’re the most pretty ladies from Asia. If you wonder how charming and sexy they can be, you better look through the list of the top 15 hottest Filipina girls.

    Marian Riviera

    Perhaps, Marian Riviera is one of the first names you should come across when looking for sexy Filipina girls. Born in 1984, she’s one of the most famous Pinay actresses. Although she was born in Spain, she’s more known as a Filipina model and actress. Her recognition came with movies like Dyesebel, Amaya, Temptation, etc. She was also noticed in commercials of SkinWhite Lotion, and Flakes Biscuits. In other words, she pursues the career of modeling.

    Marian Riviera

    Anne Curtis

    Another great name to mention is Anne Curtis, who’s also considered to rank among the hottest Filipina girls. She was born in 1985. Although born in Australia, she was born to a Filipino family. She was widely recognized in 2004 with her TV shows. She’s still one of the most popular actresses in the Philippines. Besides acting, she’s also a renowned model and singer. She boasts several awards received for her excellence in acting.

    Angel Locsin

    When it comes to hot Filipina girls, you can start with the name Angel Locsin. Indeed, she’s one of the most talented women not only in the Philippines but in the world as well. She’s known for her film producing, modeling, acting, and being a fashion designer. She gained her reputation as a talented actress with the TV series Mulawin, which was popular in the Philippines. She also received a reward for her role in the movie In The Name Of Love.

    Angel Locsin

    Maja Salvador

    Perhaps, it’s hard to find a Filipino who doesn’t know Maja Salvador. She was born in 1988. She started her career as an actress with minor roles. She made success with a drama series known as It Might Be You. Her movie debut was in the movie Sukob. In the Philippines, this movie was a success. Besides acting, she’s known as a famous dancer, singer, endorser, and talent manager.

    Liza Soberano

    Her full name is Hope Elisabeth Soberano, but she’s more known as Liza Soberano. She was born in 1998. She’s quite young, but despite her age, she managed to become popular among the hottest Filipina women. Her fame came with the TV series Forevermore. She was one of the winners on starmometer in 2019. Thus, she’s one of the international beauties representing the Philippines worldwide. Besides acting career, she’s also a renowned model.

    Liza Soberano

    Kisses Dalavin

    Sexy Filipina girls with unearthly beauty have always been appealing to Western men. It’s hard to skip a woman known as Kisses Dalavin. She’s a talented young lady with an easily recognizable and cute face. Although she’s known as an actress, her popularity owes to the reality show where she participated. What’s more, she was an official ambassador of Vivo company in 2017. Nowadays, she continues her career as a model and actress in the industry of the Philippines.

    Nadine Lustre

    Born in 1993, Nadine is regarded as one of the sexiest women in the Philippines. Thanks to her natural beauty and great body shape, she’s one of the sex symbols in her country. Besides her unearthly charm and elegance, she’s a renowned actress. Her fame owes to her outstanding role in Diary ng Panget. Besides, she’s also known for her role in the movie Never Not Love You.

    Nadine Lustre

    Jane De Leon

    She’s one of the cutest women among Filipinas. She was born in 1998, but she’s now one of the most successful women in her country. She’s a promising actress who has some good roles behind her career. She’s often compared to other older stars and expected to surpass their fame. She also acted in movies like The Debutante and Walwal, both of which were popular in the country. Jane De Leon is also known for modeling.

    Maine Mendoza

    Maine Mendoza was born in 1995. She’s one of the Filipinas with a stunning appearance. She’s a renowned actress in her country. She’s also known for her Dubsmash videos that gained her worldwide recognition. Also, she became famous for her participation in reality shows. For her role in My Bebe Love, she was awarded Best Supporting Actress in the Manila Film Festival. She’s also known for being a recording artist, TV host, and writer.

    Bela Padilla

    She was born in 1991 to a British father and a Filipina mother. She’s one of the most popular ladies in the film industry of the Philippines. She’s an actress, but she’s also known for being a model, screenwriter, and TV host. She’s been an ambassador of several brands. In 2011, she was awarded the Miss Friendship title. She still continues her career of acting in local movies and TV series.

    Janine Gutierrez

    Janine was born in 1989. She’s one of the most popular women in her country. She’s a renowned actress. Besides, she’s a top model. Her popularity came with her drama TV series, especially in Dangwa. She also starred in Wagas, Die Later, and other popular movies. She was nominated for a Golden Screen Award. She now works with GMA Network and continues a career as a model.

    Sanya Lopez

    If you’re looking for hot Filipina girls, perhaps you need to know the name of Sanya Lopez who was born in 1996. Despite her young age, she’s one of the rising stars in the Filipino film industry. She is mostly known for her roles in The Half Sisters. Besides starring in TV series, she gained national recognition in several movies. Thanks to her good body shape and cute face, she’s been an ambassador for several brands and models in several magazines.

    Vivoree Esclito

    She’s more referred to as Vivoree. She’s a talented lady, and she was born in 2000. Isn’t it impressive that a woman at her age can be so widely known? Although she has tried herself in acting, she’s more known for writing songs, which paved the way for her popularity on social media.

    Kathryn Bernardo

    Born in 1996, Kathryn is one of the most popular Filipina actresses. She started her career with TV series. Among her best roles, you can see her in TV series like Got To Believe, Way Back Home, She’s Dating the Gangster, and the like. According to FHM, she ranked 15th on the list of 100 sexiest women.

    Bea Alonzo

    Another famous star in the Philippines is Bea Alonzo. Although she is a model, she gained her reputation through acting. She used to be a singer, but she continues her career as an actress. Her popularity came with her roles in movies like I Love Betty La Fea, The Mistress, and Unbreakable.

    When thinking of sexy Filipina women, you can think of many more names. There are so many appealing women who can represent the beauty standards of Filipinas. Thanks to their cute but small faces, expressive eyes, and whiter skin, Filipinas are among the most charming women from Asia. It’s not surprising that they’re among the most popular choices among Western men interested in marriage.
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