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AsiaMe Review

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Asian Brides: Find Beautiful Asian Women for Marriage

Meet Your Asian Wife With

Even if you have never considered marrying a foreign lady before, you have probably heard about beautiful Asian brides. For millions of men around the world, Asian ladies are the epitome of beauty, gentle character, and lots of love they are prepared to share. To make the challenge of looking for Asian bride easier for you, we launched AsianBrides, your one stop shop when it comes to mail order Asian brides.

Who are Asian brides?

The term “Asian brides” refers to women who live in Asia and want to get married to foreigners. Asian brides include single young ladies from Thailand, Philippines, India, Japan, China, Korea, and other Asian countries that are known for their exotic beauty and interesting culture.

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Despite the common belief that Asian brides are simply trying to find a solution to their financial problems by marrying wealthy Western men, there are many reasons why gorgeous women in Asia want to get married abroad. Some women are simply disappointed in men from their home country, others find them too busy with work and career, and for a large part of Asian brides, Western culture and romance feel much closer to their hearts than the environment they are living in.

How can we help you find an Asian bride?

At Asian Brides, we know exactly how to bring Western men closer to the charming and beautiful Asian women for marriage. We have spent the past few years researching the specifics of meeting Asian mail order brides online and now we are ready to guide you through the process.

In theory, the process of finding a real Asian wife in this day and age is simple: you choose one of the many Asian bride dating websites, search for the woman who catches your attention, and develop a relationship that culminates in marriage. However, the reality can be very different and many men have had no luck in this process.

We want you to have the most satisfying and secure experience when looking for Asian brides for marriage. To help you navigate the precarious world of online dating, we have prepared in-depth reviews of the most popular dating services where you can find an Asian wife.

How do we rate the best Asian mail order wife sites?

When reviewing the many Asian dating websites, we pay attention to many parameters. Here are the five most important ones:

  1. Variety of women. The first thing we check on every website is the range of potential Asian wives they offer. If the selection of mail order Asian brides is limited or if the majority of profiles do not seem genuine, we would never recommend this service to our readers.
  2. Is it a scam? You only want to search for an Asian wife on a website that is completely legal and does not have any history of frauds. If we notice any signs of a scam, we will immediately tell you not to waste your time on this service.
  3. Design. As a modern internet user, you expect the Asian Bride website of your choice to have an equally modern and convenient design. Seeing a site that has not been updated in years does not allow you to enjoy the search process and, in our opinion, is a sign of disrespect for the members.
  4. Prices. Understandably, looking for Asian wife is never free, but at the very least, the prices for the services should be fair and reasonable. If a service tries to charge you for every action you intend to take on the website, it is an obvious sign that all they are interested in is your money.
  5. Features. The most reliable and popular websites with Asian brides online are constantly evolving and releasing new functionality for their users. If the only features available on the website are basic ones like email correspondence and chat, it means that the service is not too concerned with the comfort of its members.

If you carefully read our reviews and keep from using the Asian mail order bride services we don’t recommend, you are guaranteed to have a safe and effective experience when looking for your gorgeous and kind Asian wife.

Why does everyone love Asian mail order brides?

At least once in your life, you heard about hot Asian brides and how happy they can make the men who decide to marry them. But what exactly makes Asian wives such a popular choice among the millions of men around the globe?

When talking about the amazing qualities of Asian ladies, it is important to remember that Asia is very diverse and includes many countries with vastly different cultural and economic life. Plus, the family views, appearance, and character of your future Asian spouse can also differ greatly depending on the country she comes from. Here are the most coveted features of a lovely Asian bride.

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1. Beauty

For many men, the number one reason why they are so infatuated with Asian ladies is their mesmerizing appearance. There is no universal way to describe the stunning looks of Asian brides simply because Asia is a big continent and a melting pot of appearance features and traits.

If you have always imagined your wife to have porcelain skin, raven black hair, a cute blush, and delicate facial features, you will probably be very happy with a wife from China, Japan, or Korea. In case you are more into sun-kissed skin, various shades of dark hair, and more striking facial features, then the beautiful brides from the Philippines, Thailand, or India will satisfy your craving.

And while the appearance features of Asian brides from different regions can be vastly different, there are still some unifying features you will find in any country of this exotic continent. The number one feature is the flawless bodies of Asian brides. These ladies are naturally slim and always keep themselves in shape. With a combination of moderate diets and physical activity, Asian wives are able to preserve their perfect shapes for decades.

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The second feature you will notice about Asian brides is that they are very good at taking care of themselves. Most of them have elaborate skin care routines that allow them to look splendid every day for many years. Plus, these ladies are true pros when it comes to makeup: even though they will never go overboard, they know how to highlight their best features and look appropriate for every occasion.

Finally, another thing that every man notices when arriving in Asia is the unique fashion sense of Asian brides. Asian fashion is a combination of international fashion trends, authentic clothing styles, and the women’s unusual approach to dressing. As a result, you are going to be regularly astonished by how good and tasteful your wife dresses.

2. Family values

Unlike many Western women who are very focused on their careers and putting marriage and children on the back burner for years, Asian women start dreaming about marriage when they are still little girls. Over the years, these dreams transform into goals. By the time an Asian girl reaches the age of 18-20 years, she is completely ready to get married and start a family.

When dating an Asian girl, you need to keep in mind that she takes the relationship very seriously and will be waiting for a proposal starting at the early stages of a relationship. If your intentions are not that serious, it can crush your date, so make sure you both are on the same page.

If you are ready for children and want to start a family as soon as possible, you should know that there is no one better to have your babies than an Asian wife. It seems like 100% of these women are born with strong maternal instincts. Many of them grow up with younger brothers and sisters. As a result, Asian wives are true pros when it comes to motherhood. You are going to be very proud of your little family when you go out with your wife and children.

3. Loyalty

If you have any dating experience with women from your home country, you probably know that for many of them, diversity is the key to happiness. These women won’t stay in one relationship for too long. Instead, they prefer to explore the dating scene before settling down with one partner.

That is not the case with Asian ladies. Their goals of marriage and children at a young age mean that they are extremely loyal and will never sacrifice a loving relationship for romantic diversity. When they enter a serious, long term relationship with one partner, they expect to spend the rest of their lives with them.

For you, it means that infidelity or even interest in other men will never be a question. Plus, Asian wives famously stand by their men no matter what. Your Asian bride will stay with you through the good and the bad, and you should never question her loyalty. She will also expect the same loyalty in return, so make sure you are ready to give it to her.

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What are Asian women for marriage like?

By now, you are probably convinced that an Asian wife is exactly what you need to be happy when you come home every day. However, since Asia is an exotic and very distant continent, there are many myths and mysteries surrounding marriage with an Asian beauty. So what does being married to an Asian woman feel like?

The best way to describe marriage to an Asian wife is that you will feel like the VIP guest in your home 365 days a year. From helping you get ready for work and packing you a homemade lunch to welcoming you back home from work with a nice dinner and a backrub — life with Asian wives is nothing like the life of a bachelor and every man who is happily married to an Asian beauty will confirm it.

The goal of an Asian wife is to make you happy no matter what. When you need to vent about work life, she will listen to you and give great advice; when you are in the mood for some fun, she will accompany you to your favorite leisure spot, and when you simply want to feel loved, she will wrap her arms around you and make you forget about everything else in the world.

When you intend to marry an Asian bride, you will probably experience concern over the question of language and culture barrier. This is a rather valid concern, but there is a big chance that it won’t be a problem at all. First of all, many Asian women, especially ladies from Japan, Korea, and China, are more than familiar with Western culture and know English on a good speaking level, which means you likely won’t have any barrier at all.

And even if you fall for a woman who barely knows any English and is not familiar with your culture, it still won’t be a big problem for your relationship. A successful marriage is all about learning different sides of your partner, and when you come from different cultures, there are simply more fascinating things to explore.

Can you really buy Asian wife?

Even though there were times when you could actually pay someone and have an Asian bride sent to you directly from her home country, we are well past those times. Today, if you want to find a beautiful Asian wife, you will need to work for it. The phrase “Asian mail order wife” is nothing more than an outdated expression used to categorize women from Asian countries who are in search of a Western husband.

Right now, you cannot legally buy Asian wife. You need to go through the whole process from meeting the woman you like to organizing a beautiful proposal if you want to come home to your lovely Asian spouse every day. So keep in mind that if you see someone offering an Asian wife for sale, it is either a hoax or is very far from being legal.

How much does it cost to get Asian mail order brides?

While we have already established that there are no actual Asian brides for sale, like most good things in life, the process of looking for hot Asian wives is not free. The good news is that in most cases, finding an Asian bride online does not cost a fortune and is still cheaper than traveling to every Asian country and trying to find a suitable bride there. 

All in all, the question of how much you will need to pay to find an Asian bride depends on numerous factors, including how lucky you are and how long your search will take. These are the potential expenses you will encounter in your journey:

  • Website membership and cost of additional features
  • Cost of video chats and phone calls
  • Costs of virtual and physical gifts
  • Cost of inviting the woman to your home country, including visa expenses and plane tickets
  • Cost of traveling to her home country to meet her and her family

Overall, you can expect to spend around $30,000 to find Asian wife, although some people spend less than that if they quickly find and charm the woman they want to spend the rest of their lives with. Your experience may be different, but spending eternity with the love of your life is worth all the money you will spend on your search.

Where to find Asian wife?

Only a few decades ago, the only legal way to find an Asian bride was to travel to the country of your choice and simply try and meet as many eligible single ladies as possible. However, this process can take months, which is bad for your career, finances, and family obligations. Luckily, there is a much smarter alternative — the many websites offering you to buy an Asian bride.

Choosing the most reliable dating site that cares not only about your money, but also about the success of your quest to find your dream Asian wife may not be easy, but that’s exactly why you need us. We at AsianBrides will navigate you through a safe and effective search process and you will end up with the Asian bride you have always imagined.