Dorie Barton

Dorie Barton

Author | Dating Coach

Dorie Barton, our esteemed dating coach at, stands at the intersection of dramatic arts and relationship coaching. As an actor, writer, and director, Dorie brings a creative and empathetic lens to her role as a dating coach, offering advice that is as engaging as it is insightful.

Her journey in the world of arts has gifted her with a deep understanding of human emotions and relationships, which she effectively translates into practical dating advice.
From her early days in television soap operas to her current role in guiding people through the world of international dating, Dorie's experience has been marked by diverse narratives and rich cultural interactions. These experiences have given her a profound understanding of human relationships, especially when it comes to navigating the exciting yet intricate world of international dating.

Dorie's approach to dating coaching is marked by empathy and individualization. She recognizes that every person has a unique narrative, with their own experiences, aspirations, and challenges. Hence, her guidance is not one-size-fits-all but is thoughtfully tailored to each person's unique context. Whether understanding one's relationship patterns, building self-confidence, or navigating cultural differences, Dorie's expertise ensures her readers are well-equipped to navigate their journey.

Dorie views dating as a journey of self-discovery. She empowers her readers to become the best versions of themselves, to embrace their strengths, and to address their weaknesses. She encourages them to view dating not just as a path to finding a partner but also as a chance to grow and learn about themselves.

Dorie Barton is more than just a dating coach. She is a reliable friend, a compassionate guide, and a beacon of inspiration. Her profound understanding of the dating world, her genuine care for her readers, and her unwavering dedication to helping others find love make her an indispensable ally in your journey toward finding the perfect partner. With Dorie by your side, the path to love becomes less daunting, more exciting, and truly amazing!