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EastMeetEast Review

EastMeetEast Review
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We loved the clear interface and the message behind EastMeetEast. Plus, the multiple success stories can’t help but inspire us!

Even though the Asian population on Earth is simply huge, Asian online dating is a relatively small niche. However, the competition in that niche is famously stiff. It takes a lot for a new site to get recognition and trust from the users. Luckily, East Meet East managed to climb the ranks of popularity thanks to its combination of modern design, variety of members, and cool features.

EastMeetEast is one of the most discussed online dating platforms on the internet. If you type “East Meet East Reddit” into Google, you will see lots of EastMeetEast Reddit reviews from users who have tried looking for love there. Among the users of Reddit, EastMeetEast is the most popular dating site for Asian people. However, not every East Meet East review Reddit has ever posted is positive: there are occasional negative reviews from users who are disappointed in the website. We decided to do our own East Meet East dating review to tell you whether you should try it.

How it works

The first thing you see when entering the EastMeetEast website is the sign-up form, but you don’t need to fill it out immediately if you don’t want to — the website allows you to browse without a registration. Signing up for the service gives you an opportunity to get in touch with the women, so we recommend doing it. If you want a quicker registration, you can log in using your Facebook account.


Right there on the front page you will also see some inspiring stories of couples who met through East Meet East. Mobile users can also take advantage of the East Meet East app, which offers you the same great functionality in a mobile-friendly design. Unfortunately, the EastMeetEast app is not currently available for Android — only iOS users can download the app.


Immediately after signing up, you will be taken to your profile, where you can fill out the missing details and add at least one profile photo. Keep in mind that profiles that do not contain photos are not displayed in the default search view, which significantly lowers your chances of finding a great match.

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Who can you find there?

One of the most fascinating facts we’ve found in nearly every EastMeetEast review is that East Meet East was launched by Asians and for Asians. That is they their primary focus is on connecting people with Asian origins, no matter where they might live today. To help you meet your perfect match, EastMeetEast first shows you the members who are located nearby. You can specify the ideal location of your match, ranging from 5 to 200 miles. 

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If you are not completely happy with the random selection of nearby women, you can use the search function, which allows you to specify dozens of the details about the woman you are looking for. These details include the usual appearance and character traits, as well as some facts about her career and hobbies.

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Most EastMeetEast reviews mention a particular feature of the website, and we must say we were surprised by it too. The feature we are talking about is the age when the person arrived to the US or other English-speaking country. It was designed to make it easier for you to find a match with a similar life experience.

The women who match your search parameters and are within the specified proximity from you will be displayed in a gallery. There you will be able to see the woman’s photo, name, age, location, and when she was last online. Plus, each woman will have a reply rate: the more often she replies to incoming messages, the better rating she has.

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Open up the profile of the woman you like to see her additional photos, quick facts about her occupation and hobbies, and her Facebook profile. Your options for interacting with the woman are limited: you can either smile at her or send her a message.

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An essential part of our East Meet East review is the financial aspect of the dating experience. EastMeetEast offers their services completely for free to women, while men need to pay to get a complete access to the website. To make things as convenient as possible, the East Meet East owners decided against charging for every action. Instead, they offer their male members an opportunity to purchase a membership. A membership will give you access to unlimited messages and will also allow you to see whether your message has been read by the recipient.

You can purchase from 3 to 12 months of membership at once; the price per month is dynamic and changes depending on the package. Please note that the cost of the next subscription will be automatically deduct from your card unless you remember to unsubscribe. If you’re lucky, you can lower the membership cost with the help of an East Meet East promo code. An EastMeetEast coupon code can be often found on their social media or in their emails.


East Meet East has the look and feel of a modern and reliable dating site. However, apart from SSL encryption, there isn’t much protection for the members. Here you won’t find safety guides or 24/7 customer support — you will need to be extra alert to all kinds of suspicious activity.


After everything that has been said about East Meet East, only one question remains unanswered: is EastMeetEast legit? Despite the insufficient security measures, we haven’t found any other major flaws on the website. The women’s profiles look absolutely legitimate, there are no ridiculous fees, and the availability of the iOS app is surely a nice bonus. We would recommend EastMeetEast to anyone looking for their ideal Asian partner.